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IHS Difference

Started in 1976, Intelligent Health Systems (IHS) is a dynamic hospital information system for facilities under 500 beds. In 1999, IHS started a transformation process to be a leading provider of clinical and patient management systems. Recently the company added to continue its growth and is expanding existing products, services and sales. Today we have installed systems nationwide with offices located in California and Minnesota.

We are a single vendor solution, specializing in information systems based on an IBM AS/400 environment. The AS/400 platform has been in use for many years and has proven to be robust, reliable and cost effective healthcare data base solution. When you combine this efficient and effective hardware functionality with the experience and design skills of the IHS programming staff, you have a powerful system, with unbeatable support. IHS's commitment to serving the needs of its clients is expressed through the ideal of "Reaching out with hand and heart." Excellence is our standard. However, because excellence is a moving target, the ongoing communications we have with our clients is critical. A key element of our business philosophy is responsiveness. And the way we respond to the changing needs of our customers is to "stay in touch."

The ease and timeliness of your system's implementation is an integral part of its success. Once you have decided to become an IHS customer, you are assigned your own personal account representative. At your convenience, your representative will schedule the IHS implementation process. Using the "train the trainer" approach, our staff will educate your key department personnel who, in turn, train their own staff members. Our training is also available for on-site classes or we offer classes in our training center. These proven methods of training, facilitate ongoing training and minimize the impact of staff turnover.

Once the implementation is complete, IHS continues to support your system. We offer training classes and educational conferences for your staff to attend. We like to keep in close contact with our customers with quarterly newsletters, press releases and upgrade information.

The IHS AS / 400 remains the most proven, reliable, and cost effective healthcare information platform. We take pride in our customer support program and its staff. We have highly trained customer support representatives who work with you to answer all your questions. They will assist you in keeping your IHS system operating at the most efficient and productive level. We also realize problems arise anytime of the day or night, so our staff is available 24-hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

Over the last 25 years the IHS AS / 400 platform has provided reliable processing and storage of healthcare information. Many of the features soon to be required under HIPAA processing, transmission, and storage have been efficiently built into the IHS programs. It is anticipated that the sizable cost of complying with these upcoming regulations will not impact our many facilities. Intelligent Health Systems offers the very best, cost effective solutions.

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